Resep Banana Egg and Milk #Diet

Hai, Bucan alias Ibu Cantik jumpa lagi di, kali ini admin mau share cara membuat Banana Egg and Milk #Diet yang enak. You can make a banana-milk-egg shake with or without sugar. But be warned of Salmonella bacteria from raw egg causing food poison or infection. Other recipe is to use butter instead of milk and bake a banana cake.

Resep Banana Egg and Milk #Diet Add slivered almonds and cocoa powder to your banana milkshake for a fiber- and protein-loaded drink. Mash up bananas in a large bowl. Whisk eggs (using a fork is just fine!) and add to banana paste. BuCan (Bunda Cantik) bisa memasak Banana Egg and Milk #Diet menggunakan 5 bahan dan 4 langkah mudah. Begini cara memasaknya.

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat Banana Egg and Milk #Diet

  1. 1 buah Pisang matang.
  2. 1 buah telur.
  3. 100 ml Susu Plain.
  4. 2 sdm Brownsugar.
  5. 2 sdm air panas.

Fry gently in a pan on low-medium heat with a little heated oil or butter. Ayurveda strictly puts milk and banana in the list of the most incompatible foods. According to the book The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, A Comprehensive Guide to the Ancient Healing. Egg Salad Recipes Fruit Salad Recipes.

Step pembuatan Banana Egg and Milk #Diet

  1. Campurkan pisang, telur dan susu, kemudian blender.
  2. Lelehkan brownsugar sampai menjadi caramel.
  3. Siapkan kukusan, simpan caramel didasar ramekin kemudian tuang pisang yg sudah diblender. dan kukus sekitar 15 menit/sampai matang..
  4. Angkat dan dinginkan. selamat mencoba.

First of all I don't add sugar only banana, milk, a dash or two of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla in it. It's really good and sweet enough without the sugar. Will Eating an Egg and a Banana Kill You? A viral warning seems to ignore the obvious truth that eggs and bananas are commonly and deliciously mixed together with no harmful effect on consumers. According to the Ayurvedic theory, banana and milk together can lead to toxification in the body which will disturb the various bodily functions that take place. Mudahkan Bucan resep Banana Egg and Milk #Diet nya?, jangan lupa untuk terus selalu cek untuk resep lainnya. Semoga resep tadi bisa memberikan pilihan buat ibu cantik yang kadang suka bingung mau masak apa.

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